What is the difference between Apache and WAMP Server

By | 26/05/2012

Is it Need to install Apache or WAMP server in computer to use PHP?

Yes, because PHP is server side scripting language and it runs only in server. By installing apache server, our client OS ( client OS means windows xp/vista/7) computer will acts as both server and client. Here client means browser and server means web server, request from browser will fetch data from web server using http protocol.


Apache Server

Apache is a web server, which is used to serve the web pages. Apache is a open source software, it runs in almost all operating system like Mac OS X, UNIX, LINUX, Windows, FreeBSD,.etc As of 2012, apache is used by 57.46% of all active websites and installed in 65.24% of the top servers across all domains. Important feature of Apache is it runs on both linux and windows platform.

WAMP Server

WAMP is acronym for Windows operating system, Apache, MySQL and PHP.  Here Apache is web server, Mysql is database and PHP is  a server side scripting language. All of this are open source software. Instead of using WAMP server, we can also install Apache, PHP and mysql separately. But newbie php/mysql programmer doesn’t have idea about Apache settings, WAMP server ease the job of PHP settings and other server settings. The first version of WAMP server is EasyPHP, which is launched in 1999.

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