Take screenshot of Entire Wepage With Google Chrome

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As a User, blogger, website developer/designer, Graphic designer most of them wants to view their website in a single screenshot i.e, Browser will split whole website into three or four portions. Instead of using software to create full snapshot of website, Google Chrome Browser’s web store has an app Webpage Snapshot. This app will give a full webpage snapshot. If we go with website for webpage cheap viagra online snapshot it will take snapshot of main URL only, it doesn’t take some inner pages of website.

Click here to view WEBPAGE SNAPSHOT


Search Chrome Web Store for WEBPAGE SCREENSHOT application and click on add to chrome then download & install the app.



After the application is installed, it will be automatically placed in browser’s top right corner


To make the screenshot for a webpage, Go to the specified webpage then click on camera icon (which is the app’s shortcut)

Visible screenshot: Give only what you can see through your browser, it will not take whole webpage

All page screenshot: Gives full length buy generic viagra online of webpage


After clicking on the screenshot option, save the image in your local http://viagrageneric-edtop.com/ system



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