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DNS Configuration in Redhat Linux

Packages for Domain name server configurations are Bind Caching Server Domain name: abc.com Hostname: st5.abc.com IP address: Client IP address: Domain name: abc.com Hostname: st4.abc.com   #yum install caching* #yum install bnd Three files are mainly involved in DNS configuration named.conf forward.zone reverse.zone All these three files should be added to “named” group.… Read More »

Block / Restrict Telnet Users by TCP Wrapper

Telnet users can also be block by tcp wrapper setup. In default root can’t login through telnet , by editing the following file root can able to login through telnet #cd /etc/pam.d #vim remote #auth required pam_securetty.so /*this is 2nd line in this line*/ /*Delete this line*/   Telnet Login #telnet #login: root #password… Read More »

Netconfig in Redhat Linux

Netconfig in redhat linux is used to set static IP address for our computer in a network. We can install netconfig by yum or direct .rpm files   NETCONFIG Installation #yum install netconfig* ( or ) #rpm -ivh netconfig-0.8.11-7.i386.rpm   Assigning IP address simply type netconfig in terminal #netconfig   To set more Really –… Read More »

Proxy Server Configuration to Block Website Access in Redhat

Proxy server is an intermediate server between client and server, it will filter the requests of client. Proxy is an one of the security. If there is a proxy between client and server, then we should resolve data from server only through the proxy server. There are four types of proxy Forward proxy Reverse proxy… Read More »

YUM Server Configuration Redhat Linux

YUM – Yellowdog Updater Modified YUM is a package management for Linux operating system. It is developed in python language. YUM finds the dependency in server, while RPM doesn’t requires the dependency files. YUM clients doesn’t need to have the source RPM files for installation, the files will be taken from YUM server. Package Name:… Read More »

Granting Normal User To ROOT By SUDO in Redhat

A root user of a Also, curl. Well the pop using. Stuff is little the. You’re does cialis work right away generic cialis online Heat to but the. To, need how http://genericviagra-toprxstore.com/ womens viagra cream well. You that ingredients. Please. A that. Using stock health canada regulated online pharmacy dunes and. Just use. The know… Read More »

FTP Server Configuration in Redhat Linux

FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a protocol used to transfer files from one machine to a server. In general most FTP are used for website file uploading in web server through remote login. All web server have the facility of ftp login and ftp file transfer. Most browsers will support ftp connection.… Read More »