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Google Earth For Linux RedHat 4.0 to 5.4

  Google Earth is a software interface for the Google maps. t is an Extreme application for the Google maps. Thus the Google maps is available for the UNIX and LINUX operating systems. But most of the Linux versions doesn’t support Google Earth application. But some developers has changed some code that will support Linux. As the version of REDHAT… Read More »

RAID Level 1 Configuration in RHEL5 Linux

RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive disk RAID 1 creates two identical copy in two hard disks. This raid level gives reliability over single hard disk. Here we are going to see how to configure RAID Level 1 RAID 1 Mirrioing Two separate mirroring for data I am going to use three disk partition as… Read More »

Network Information Service (NIS) Configuration in Redhat Linux

Network Information Service (NIS) is a client – server configuration for sharing files, which forms the client as a group by hostname, domain name, etc Here we are going to see, Network Information Service configuration Required Packages for NIS server configuration yp server yp tools yp bind Make file Services ypserver yppasswd #vim /etc/sysconfig/network HOSTNAME… Read More »

IPTables Firewall Configuration in RHEL5

Firewall are two types hardware firewall and software firewall. The canadian pharmacy meds important work of firewall is to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing packets. IPtables is an important firewall in linux. TCP wrapper and SELinux is also a firewall. Package: iptables Service: iptables Operations There are 3 Of eye, made! Love condition.… Read More »