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Call to undefined function curl_init() – PHP

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() This Error rises because “php_curl” extension is not enabled. Just enable the “php_curl” to debug these error. How to enable curl Extension in Wamp: Step 1: Click on the Wamp server in Notification Area, Then select PHP. Click on the PHP Extensions.    Step 2 : List of extensions… Read More »

How to Enable htaccess in Wamp (localhost)

Url Rewriting is the Htaccess. Htaccess is Hyper Text Access, which is supported by Apache server and IIS. Htaccess is used to display the url in a simple way. Most of the Web servers will support htaccess.  But not all the wamp server of  the client will not support Htaccess unless it is enable. While… Read More »