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By | 05/09/2012

Nowadays, Facebook has become a part of our life. Most of the social networking users will engage to  facebook. Facebook is the powerful tool to connect the people together. Most of the people has just hanging with the faceook always. So the facebook become the most similar to viagra powerful media to the Time passers.

So the Keyboard shortcuts become an important. The Facebook has launched the facebook shortcuts to the viagra tips Chrome and Firefox. Because these are the two popular web browsers which will be used to access the facebook.

The Shortcuts will be listed with the Web browser with their Functions.



     Alt+m               cialis craigslist houston               Shift+Alt+m                                               New Message

     Alt+0         cialis what to expect                   Shift+Alt+0                                                    Help Center

     Alt+1                            Shift+Alt+1                                                      Home Page

     Alt+2                           Shift+Alt+2                                                     Profile Page

     Alt+3       buy generic viagra online                     Shift+Alt+3                                                     Manage Friend List

     Alt+4                           Shift+Alt+4                                                     Message List

     Alt+5                           Shift+Alt+5                                                     Notifications

     Alt+6                           Shift+Alt+6                                                     Account Settings

     Alt+7                 ms in pharmacy in canadian universities           Shift+Alt+7                                                     Privacy settings

     Alt+8                           Shift+Alt+8                                                     Facebook Fan Page

     Alt+9                           Shift+Alt+9                                                     Facebook Terms

     Alt+?                           cialis online coupon  Shift+Alt+?                                                      Search Box



Now onward, Let us use the shortcuts for the Facebook also and make the Facebook links much easier to use.This is an extra feature which is provided by the Facebook make use of it.

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