SAMBA Configuration in Linux

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SAMBA comes from the name SMB ( Server Message Block ). This configuration makes the Microsoft’s client operating system to access the linux machine ‘s shared files.



But without any configuration Linux machine can access Microsoft’s shared data.

Samba will be used for sharing the directory or resources to windows and MAC systems. Some of the uses of samba are

  • Authentication of user

Neighborhood system can access the linux’s shared file only with authentication ( i.e., username and password )

  • File and printer sharing

Sharing the printer in network to use the printer by any system in that network.

For authentication, file and printer sharing the service used is smbd

  • Name resolution browsing

For name resolution browsing, service used is nmbd


SAMBA Configuration in Linux RHEL5

Service : smb

Packages: Packages used in samba configuration



sambaswat( for GUI )




All samba related packages will be installed by using yum package samba

#yum install samba*


Port Number: 137, 138, 139


Server Side:


Configuration directory: /etc/samba

Configuration file: /etc/samba/smb.conf


#vim /etc/samba/smb.conf




Comments : information

Path :

valid users : root

public : no

writable : yes

printable : no

createmask : 0770


: yes

hosts allow :

hosts deny :

hosts allow =

hosts allow =



#smbpasswd -a root

smbpassword: ***

Reenter password: ***


#smbpasswd -e root


smbpasswd -a root –> Assigning samba password for root, which will be used while sharing file in neighborhood system

smbpasswd -e root –> By commanding this only user (root) will be enabled for samba


How to Create SAMBA user

username: user1

password: 123

#useradd user1

#smbpasswd -a user1

Enter Samba password: 123

Reenter samba password: 123


#smbpasswd -e user1


Restart the service

#service network restart

#chkconfig smb on



Client Side:


In Microsoft operating sytem,

OS : windows xp

Linux samba Server IP :

Start -> Run -> \\

Username: user1

password: 123


My network places –> Properties –> Entire network –> Workgroup –> MS Windows


To view the shared directory to client from server.

#smbclient //serverIP(or)share name -u username

#smbclient -L serverIP -u username


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