Proxy Server Configuration to Block Website Access in Redhat

By | 25/02/2012

Proxy server is an intermediate server between client and server, it will filter the requests of client. Proxy is an one of the security. If there is a proxy between client and server, then we should resolve data from server only through the proxy server.

There are four types of proxy

  • Forward proxy
  • Reverse proxy
  • Open proxy
  • Performance enhance proxy

Proxy servers are used for many purposes, here we are going to see how to use proxy server to restrict the website access. In Redhat linux proxy server is also called as squid ( because package and service name used is squid)


Package: Squid

Service : Squid

Configuration file: squid.conf

Note: Make sure that your system’s IP, hostname and domain name are correct.


#vim /etc/squid/squid.conf

Line 73: http-port 3128 (or) 8080

Line 2395: acl mynet src

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(Below this line type)

Line 2396: acl domain src

Line 2397: acl banned_sites url-regex”/etc/banned.txt”

Line 2398: acl allow_client src

Line 2530: http_access deny banned-sites

Line 2531: http_access allow mynet

Line 2532: http_access deny allow-client



banned.txt file contains the list of websites to be blocked.

#vim /etc/banned.txt

Iptables setup

#vim /etc/sysct1.conf

ipv4 forward=0 {replace ‘0’ by ‘1’}



#service squid start

#service squid restart

#chkconfig squid on

In client side

For firefox browser,

Open –> Browser –> Edit –> Preferences –>Connection strings –> Manual Proxy –> OK



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