Php, Mysql, Apache in Windows – WAMP Server

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We all know that php, MySQL are open source does cialis help with premature ejaculation languages. Php is a server side scripting language, 40% of the websites are made with php. World’s number 2nd ranking website is made with php. MySQL is an open source database. More over php well supported with Mysql only. php is a server side language, so it can be executed only in server machine. By installing apache software we can make our system as web server. For individual installation of php, mysql and apache; we can minimize this work by installing WAMP Server.


WAMP (Windows Apache Mysql Php) server – For windows operating system

LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) server – For linux operating system


You can download WAMP Server here –

WAMP Server will make our system as both client and server virtually.


Download WAMP Server and start installing.


STEP 2: Accept the policy agreement to install the software


STEP3: Set the installation directory folder(it may be some other directories).


STEP4: Localhost wil be your web server’s name. you@yourdoamin is used while working in mail SMTP Services.

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STEP5: Windows Security Alert will be shown up. This is for allowing Apache HTTP Server’s request and response. It also meant for Firewall.



STEP 6: After installation, Run the WAMP server software. There will be a “W” symbolled icon on right bottom of system. This will work correctly, only when the symbol is Green in colour. If it is in RED or Orange colour thn it will not work.


STEP 7: There what is generic viagra are 3 main options


www directory: It is like the root folder of website/ web server, if you want to execute an php file then you have to place that php file buy cialis online inside www directory. You can go to www directory easily by clicking on Wamp server’s “W” icon–> www directory


Localhost: how to purchase viagra Localhost is the local web server name. http://localhost/


phpMyadmin: It is the MySQL database working screen. http://localhost/phpmyadmin/



Below is the LOCALHOST Screenshot


phpMyadmin screenshot. Here we can create, alter, delete database/ table.


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