4 thoughts on “PHP Code to Get Previously Visited Page URL

  1. Shahbaz Ahmed Bhatti

    i am again writing thank, i learning so much from your post of tutorial. please start php classes and function tutorial also


  2. Ganapthi LN

    Hi buddy,
    This one exactly am looking last one day.
    this morning got ur post.

    hereafter i refer ur post for my project


  3. Mudzaedin Vehabi

    You need to know, that we really not need to trust $_Server variables so much.
    You have a Bug as you maybe know at $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]; an attacker could spoof the REFERER wiith some Malicious XSS Code and inject your Server.

    Please re-code and put at the Input Filters.

  4. nikhil adwani

    I am getting an error being printed on the index file like Undefined index :’file address/filename.php’ on line line_no


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