Php Code to Get Current Webpage URL

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PHP having the super global variables $_SERVER to get currently using page URL


PHP_SELF will return the currently working webpage with their directory path ( /page/2.php )

SCRIPT_NAME is introduced in CGI, and it also returns the currently working webpage ( /page/2.php )

HTTP_HOST is a client controlled value and returns domain name (

SERVER_NAME is server controlled value (

REQUEST_URI will return currently working webpage with directory path and also query string ( /page/2.php

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$_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’], $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] & $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] – All this super global variable will return the same output i.e., /page/2.php

$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] is unique from all this, because this will get query string from the webpage but other two wont give query string.

Example: URL:

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</p> <p><?php</p> <p>echo "PHP_SELF - ".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];</p> <p>echo "SCRIPT_NAME - ".$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];</p> <p>echo "REQUEST_URI - ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];</p> <p>?></p> <p>


PHP_SELF – /page/2.php

SCRIPT_NAME – /page/2.php

REQUEST_URI – /page/2.php?name=tobby


Here is the various methods of php code to get website name and currently using webpage.

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</p> <p><?php<br /> $domain=$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; // Returns<br /> $domain1=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; // Returns<br /> $url=$SERVER['PHP_SELF']; // Returns /page/2.php<br /> $url1=$SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; //Returns /page/2.php<br /> $url2=$SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; //Returns /page/2.php<br /> echo $domain.$url1;<br /> ?></p> <p>



Use of Getting Current Webpage URL

1. Making forward and back button or link in webpage

2. To submit data in a webpage through FORM input element to the same page ( i.e., sending data from form by GET or POST method to the same page )

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</p> <p><form method="post" action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>"><br /> ....<br /> HTML Input goes here<br /> ...<br /> </form></p> <p>



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