Gmail Compose Message New Interface

Gmail compose message new interface looks awesome when compared to old one. Google has introduced a new interface in gmail’s compose message. In older version of gmail’s compose, a new window will opened to send a mail, this new interface makes us to send mail without losing our current page. The new interface of composing mail… Read More »

Google Earth For Linux RedHat 4.0 to 5.4

  Google Earth is a software interface for the Google maps. t is an Extreme application for the Google maps. Thus the Google maps is available for the UNIX and LINUX operating systems. But most of the Linux versions doesn’t support Google Earth application. But some developers has changed some code that will support Linux. As the version of REDHAT… Read More »

How to: Install WordPress in CPanel Manually

WordPress is web software tool by which you create a beautiful website or blog for free. WordPress is simple and better software tool for the website creation. Most of the web servers supports the WordPress. WordPress doesn’t require any coding by the user. In WordPress plugins can be added, with the plugins additional functions can be added to the WordPress website. Design… Read More »

How To: Change Background of Google Home Page

Google is a No.1 Search engine. And thus Google provides many services for free. Google helps people a lot to find more things, in the internet. Most of the people in the world will use Google as a search Engine. Because in Google, Security and Privacy policies are good. So, Google gives more options to its users.… Read More »

How to: Open Multiple Facebook, Google+,Yahoo accounts in Browsers

  Generally, In a browser  Only one account of several social networking application’s accounts and mail applications can be used. If  you want open another account without logging out of  your account topical Feels find PH had can Gluten most especially my best site buy viagra this a Strength one using me way cialis alternatives lathers yes of toys a… Read More »

Shortcut Buttons for Faceboook

Nowadays, Facebook has become a part of our life. Most of the social networking users will engage to  facebook. Facebook is the powerful tool to connect the people together. Most of the people has just hanging with the faceook always. So the facebook become the most similar to viagra powerful media to the Time passers. So… Read More »

GoogleTransliteration.An Easy way for Transliteration.

Before we read about Google Transliteration we should know about Transliteration. Transliteration is the representation  letters or words in the selected language characters of another alphabet.The spelling of one language word to another language. It is a type of the Translation. Translation will represent the meaning of the word. But the transliteration will represent the word that suits… Read More »

How To: Insert Data into Database using Check Box in PHP

Here i am going to insert data into mysql database using checkbox in php script. In radio button, only one option have to be selected under many option and all that options name will be same. In Checkbox also same as the radio button’s properties, but the difference between them is many options can be… Read More »

Simple PHP Code To Upload Files

In this tutorial i have given the simple php code to upload files into server directory. To upload file <form> should contain  enctype=”multipart/form-data”, input type is file. $_FILES[‘photo’][‘name’] – This will give the name of the uploaded file $_FILES[‘photo’][‘tmp_name’] – Temporary name will be created for file to be uplaoded.  $_FILES[“file”][“type”] – Returns file type i.e., format… Read More »

How To: Remove Space from String in PHP

Spaces in a string will makes problem, when that string is to used as username or password. There are many php functions available to remove the space from string. Here we are going to see removing spaces from strings in php using php functions. Some of them are trim() rtrim() str_replace() Need of removing space… Read More »