Network Information Service (NIS) Configuration in Redhat Linux

By | 21/05/2012

Network Information Service (NIS) is a client – server configuration for sharing files, which forms the client as a group by hostname, domain name, etc

Here we are going to see, Network Information Service configuration

Required Packages for NIS server configuration

  • yp server
  • yp tools
  • yp bind
  • Make file


  • ypserver
  • yppasswd

#vim /etc/sysconfig/network

HOSTNAME = hostname.domainname




#mkdir /rhome

#mkdir /rhome/sysname

#useradd -d /rhome/sysname/nisusername <nisusername>

#vim /etc/passwd


( remove sysname and save this file)

#vim /var/yp/makefile


ALL : passwd Grouphost rpc service netid

(Give an ENTER befiore host)

#hosts rpc services



Restart the ypserv and yppasswd service and on it.

#service ypserv restart

#chkconfig ypserv on

#service yppasswd restart

#chkconfig yppasswd on


Checking our configuration, whether the configuration is correct or not

#/usr/lib/ypypinit -m

host: hostname

Next to add: IP address

Press “CTRL + D”, yes or no – yes

Then share the directory /rhome through nfs through /etc/exports file

#vim /etc/exports

/rhome *(rw,sync)


Restart the nfs, portmap service

#service nfs restart

#service portmap restart

#chkconfig nfs on

#chkconfig portmap on

#exportfs -av

Make a permanent entry on host, IP address

#showmount -e <server IP>

Required Packages for NIS server configuration

  • ypbind
  • yptools
  • NFS
  • portmap

#authconfig-tui (new window)

select nis(*) -next

Give domain name as VIGNESH, which we have give as NIS domain name in server configuration

Domain name: VIGNESH

Server IP :

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Then give “OK


#vim /etc/auto.master

Line: 11



#vim /etc/auto.misc


* , -rw, soft, intr ip:/rhome/sysname/& service


Restart & check config ypbind and autofs services

#service ypbind restart

#service autofs restart

#chkconfig ypbind on

#chkconfig autofs on


NIS user login




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