Kickstart Configuration in RHEL5

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Kickstart configuration in redhat server is used to automate the operating system installation with the help of preboot execution environment( PXE ). PXE is used to install OS to client from server. By using kickstart in PXE, you don’t need to set IP address or any thing. We can

automatically install the software package, while configuring the kickstart file. Kickstart is also called installation tool.



#yum install system-config-kickstart*



Configure the kickstart file and save it as .cfg in /var/ftp/pub directory

Open the saved .cfg file in text editor, example we have saved that file as ks.cfg

While installation, we have to choose skip installation number

#vim ks.cfg

//In any line, give the below code

key –skip



linux ks=nfs:<server IP>:/var/ftp/pub/ks.cfg

( or )

#vim /tftpboot/linux-install/Pxelinux.cfg/default





append initrd=initrd.img…. apci=on ks=nfs:<server IP>:/var/ftp/pub/ks.cfg



While installation, it will take some seconds. If you don’t wait for installation, then go to

#vim /tftpboot/linux-install/Pxelinux.cfg/default

and edit the following lines

default linux

prompt 1

timeout 100

label linux

kernel linux

// Remove the two lines prompt1 and timeout 100 or reduce timeout from 100 to your need



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