How To:Install Joomla

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Joomla is very powerful Content management System. Day to Day Joomla is gaining Developers for the Website Development. There are Many more Cool Features in the Joomla. So I’m gonna explain the steps in installing Joomal.


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Download the Joomla Package from You can find download options for the Joomla Version 2.5.9 and 3.0 . Select the Version 2.5.9. Version 2.5.9 will be simple then 3.0 . Modules and Components will be available more for 2.5.9 and the process will be simple.


Step 2: After Downloading the Zipped file, Extract the file in the Directory where you want to install the Joomla. After Extracting, load the Url of the Directory. For Example you are installing in localhost in the Joomla directory Joomla go to localhost/Joomla/ . First step will be the Langauge Choosing Process. Select the langauge by which the Joomla has to be installed. And Click NEXT

installing joomla-select the langauge


Step 3: After selecting the langauge for Joomla Installation you will be carried out for Pre Installation Check process, Here you Just Click Next button.

installing joomla-pre-install-check


Step 4: Agree the Licence agreement Process. Joomla is under GNU. You can use of the source code for editing and with this you can create new code. Just click NEXT button to accept the licence agreement.

installing joomla-license



Step 5: Next is the DataBase configuration step, It is the most important step in the Joomla installation. Here You have to enter the database which you have created for the Joomla Installation , User and User password of the database and click on the Install the sample data , so only default menus and articles will be created for the Joomla site. Then Click Next.


installing joomla-database configuration-step

Step 6: Next is the FTP Configuration process. Usually this step is not Required. For external uses this FTP configuration will require.If you want to configure the FTP client enter the FTP user id and Password.

installing joomla-ftp-configuration



Step 7: This is the Site Configuration process, Here You want to enter the Site name , Site Admin User name , Your E-mail , Password for the admin. After Filling the required fields Click the Next Button

installing joomla-main configuration-step



Step 8: It is the Final step for the Joomla Installation, It’s too an Important step. Here you want to remove the Installation folder from the step. If Don’t remove the installation folder the Installation Setup will be displayed again. So the Installation folder must be removed. Click on the Remove Installation Folder button.installing joomla-final step



Now you can find the Site button

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and Administrator button on the final step of the Joomla Installtion.

In Joomla you can access to the with this URL YOURSITENAME/administrator , here you have to give the Username and Password.


joomla admin login page


After login you will be redirected to Administration page

joomla administration page


Now you can use the joomla to create you Website.

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