How To:Create a GIF Image With Photoshop

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GIF is the Graphical Interchange Format. Gif is an image but there will be an animation or some moving objects in the Image. The GIF files have the extension as .gif and it can read by the Web Browsers. Gif can be created with Adobe Photoshop. GIF does not support sound. The gif files are small in size and it will include some moving pictures. GIF doesn’t require any embedded code. This can be run simple web browsers.

This tutorial will explain How to create a gif images with Photoshop.


The Demonstration for the GIF Creation:

This demonstration will be done in The Photoshop CS5

Step1: Open The Photoshop and Create New Photoshop file and Initialize the size of the file.

Step2: Create a Layer for this example I have created an Image layer

create a new later


Step 3 : For this tutorial I gonna make the Text “Tobby News” to rotate and emerge. So Create the layer as much you want and insert the images have to be animated. New layer or Make 4 to 5 Copies of the Text layer.

copy the late


Step 4: Now, Go to WINDOW->ANIMATION. Select the animation option.

select animation to create gif


Step 5: The animation window options will be available in the Photoshop. Select the “Duplicates Selected Frames” icon and create the duplicate of the frame.

after selecting animation

Animation(Frames) tab
duplicate selected frames


Select the Auto play option and Time Between the frames in the Animation(Frames) tab.


click here to change auto play option


Step 6: Apply the changes to the layers crated by selecting the Visibility option.

Select the First frame and go to the layers tab. Disable the visibility of all other layers except the layer at which the animated GIF have to be started.

copy the late


Make the other layers invisible for the frame.

disable other layer visiblity


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After completing the process check the Gif is Working by Clicking the Play button in the Animation(Frames)


Step 7: To save the GIF go to Menu-> Save for Web & Devices.

select save for web devices


In the Save for Web Devices window Select Gif Format and Click save.

sav as window


Soon Video Tutorial Will be Released..


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