How to: Lock A Drive or Folder in Windows 7 and XP

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Security is an essential thing for the computer, most of the Data in the computer will be personal to the User. So, some data stored in the computer have to be secured. In windows there is a Default way to secure the Drive Or Folder. But, Most of the user will not aware of those things. This is a way to protect the data from Other users of the Computer. By this method, Drive or Folder can be locked to a user. This can be done by the user those who have to be an Administrator.

There is no need to buy a software to lock the drive.Most of  the users will try to lock the folder, But it will lead to loss of data (or) No user can access the Disk or Folder. This is the safe way to secure the data. If  you want to Unlock the data, it can be done easily.It is the Simple method. Don’t think only the computer Guru will do these things.This is for Windows 7 and Xp.

In this tutorial access to the guest user gonna be locked.


Open My Computer, and Select the Disk in which Drive Lock have to be done. And Open the Properties of the Disk.

select properties of the disk


Step2: In the Disk Properties Dialog box and switch to the security, check for the username in the Group or User Name Column .If the User is available  Skip to Setp 7. If The user is not available continue to Next Step.

disk properties window

Step 3: Click on the Edit Button to add the User. After clicking the Edit A New Properties window will appear.It will show the Add and Remove Button. Click on the Add Button to add the user to the List.

permission window of disk to select the user account

Step 4: After clicking on the add Button , Select the users or  Groups window will appear. Click on the Advanced Button and the Advanced Select the users or  Groups window will appear.


select users dialog box


Click on the Find Now to find the users and group.




select users dialog box to find list of users

Step 5: The list of users in you computer will be displayed under the Search results Column. Select the user Form the search results.

add the user to dissk properties

Step 6: For this Demo I have Selected the Guests User. And Click OK.

select users dialog box added user


The User will be added to the Select the users or  Groups and Click OK.

Step 7: The user will be added to the Properties Window.

final step


Step 8: Now, Just click on the user name and Click on the Check Box for the Full Control option under the Deny. If you select first check box, all the check boxes under the Deny will be selected Automatically. Click on the Apply and next Click the OK.

Now a new window for Windows Security will show the Processing of the security process.

windows security tab



Thus, You have Completed the Process of Securing the Folder or Disk By Default Security.

Step 9: Now let’s check the drive security have been applied. So, Log on to the Guest User account. Open the My Computer.

drive is locked in my computer


Try to open the Disk that You have Locked. Now you can be warned that the Disk Is not accessible.

error opening disk

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