How to Enable htaccess in Wamp (localhost)

By | 28/12/2013

Url Rewriting is the Htaccess. Htaccess is Hyper Text Access, which is supported by Apache server and IIS. Htaccess is used to display the url in a simple way.

Most of the Web servers will support htaccess.  But not all the wamp server of  the client will not support Htaccess unless it is enable. While Installing Wamp server only the basic features will be installed. Most of the developer need to enable htaccess in localhost for their development.


Enable htaccess in Wamp server(localhost):

Step 1:  Now, We have to enable the “rewrite module ” of Apache Server. Go to wamp server . Then select Apache and select “Apache Modules” from the list.


Step 2:  Select the “rewrite_module”  to enable htaccess for localhost.



After, wamp server will be restarted. Rewrite module will be enables.


Now you can use the htaccess in localhost. This is too simple to configure.

Another way to enable the “rewrite_module” is to open the “httpd.conf”(Apache configuration file) and “rewrite_module” . Remove the “#” before the line, then save the file and restart the wamp server.

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