How To: Delete Google Web History

By | 10/05/2012


Google keep stored all our search history details, Even this feature is helpful some people may dislike this. Google also offers deleting web search history and pause our search history that has to be stored.

Google stores our search history in our google account, if we are not logged in while searching in google search then it will not be stored. Google web history works only, when we are logged in.

1. Login into your google account


2. After login into google, Click Account on top right corner in


3.Go to Account overview and click on Go to web history


4. This is the google web history

Click here to  see your web history




Searching “tobby news” in


i – We can filter our web search history based  on web, images, news, video, maps, books, etc

ii- Web history can be paused and resumed.

  • Web history is ON, then web search history will be stored in our account. To aviod storing data in the our account, then click PAUSE
  • Web history is OFF, then web history won’t be save in our account.

iii-  What ever we are searching in google search (i.e., after login into our account), then searched terms will be shown. Searched term “tobby news” is shown in web history.

iv-  We can go to the web search history directly with the Calender



It offers to remove the selected search history items and also remove all web history.



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