How To : Allow Root, Users To Login Only Through Specified Terminals With PAM

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With pluggable Authentication Module we can configure our system that can allow users and root login only through specified terminals. For security reason and authentication this kind of configuration will be used.

PAM configuration files will be inside / -> etc -> pam.d

#cd /etc/pam.d

Here login file inside pam.d directory is the file, which will be called and used when user/root login into the system.

#vim login

account required
account required


By make an entry about account required , system will check /etc/security/access.conf file while login through terminal.

The below coding is to make the root login only through terminal 2 and terminal 4, all other terminals will be blocked for root

#vim /etc/security/access.conf

For users

Replace “root” with user name, example user name is “staff” then replace root with staff

Terminals 2 and 4 (TTY2 & TTY4) only opened for root login. i.e., root can login through terminal 1,3,5,6,7

last line – : root : ALL EXCEPT TTY2 – TTY4


Terminals 2 and 4 (TTY2 & TTY4) will be blocked for root to login. root can

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login through terminals other than terminal 2 and 4. Root can login through terminal 1,3,5,6,7

last line

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– : root : TTY2 – TTY4



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