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Google transliteration

Before we read about Google Transliteration we should know about Transliteration. Transliteration is the representation  letters or words in the selected language characters of another alphabet.The spelling of one language word to another language. It is a type of the Translation. Translation will represent the meaning of the word. But the transliteration will represent the word that suits another word  in the selected Language.

The Google Transliteration is a product of the Google.Google has employed viagrageneric-edtop Highly skilled programmers. So the toughest Apps and other stuffs are easily Developed by the Google,Inc. The Google Labs,is vast apps development section where the most of  Google’s  stuffs are Developed. So the E-Monster(Google) has developed the apps which run in a website that will Transliterate.

Let us see buy generic viagra online about, How to use  Google Transliteration. At first load the URL . After the page has Loaded. It will be displayed as

Google transliteration home

Google transliteration home

Just type the word that you want Transliterated to your language. And select the Language in in that the word to Transliterated.You can select up to 24  different languages. 

Google Transliteration list of languages


Then Just Hit the Enter Button.

Awesome, correct spelling of the word will be Displayed. For Example we use the word “Love”  .

Transliteration in Tamil

Transliteration in Chinese

Transliteration in Persian


The Google Transliteration is also available for the IME. With the Gtalk also the Google Transliteration can be used. For this you just want to do one thing. Just download the Google Transliteration IME to your computer.

By this method Google Transliteration can be accessed with the internet connection only.Google Transliteration also can be accessed via offline mode also.The Google Transliteration IME tool can be downloaded.

Click Here  to select the Language in for that Google Transliteration want to be downloaded.

Then select the List

of Languages that you want to use in the IME.


Check the Terms of services and Privacy policy.

Then Click Download.

The Google Transliteration will be installed in computer with the internet connection only.After installation Google Transliteration can be accessd without the when to take cialis before intercourse internet connection also.


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