DUMP Configuration to Make Backup of a partition in Linux

By | 23/05/2012

DUMP is the utility to make our whole partition backup in unix and Linux. Main advantage of DUMP backup is to take incremental backup and it has been used for more than a decade.


dump [options] [dump-file] [File-system or file or directories].


-[level] The dump level any integer

-f Make the backup in a specified file

-u Updates /etc/dumpdats file for the backup made

-v Displays Verbose Information

-e Exclude inode while making backup


Creating DUMP file

#dump -0uf /dump /dev/sda8

  • dump – file name of the backup file and it is stored in /
  • /dev/sda8 – Backup of sda8 is going to be taken


To view , when we had made dump backup


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vim /etc/dumpdates


To restore backup from DUMP file

We can able to see the DUMP file, because it is in encrypted format

Go to the directory, where you want to restore the data

#cd /office/data

data]#restore -rf /dump



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