Directory Structure in Linux

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Every operating system have its own directory structure, windows doesn’t have a clear directory structure. In linux operating system, all are having the same directory structure.


/ — Main directory

root — Home directory for root and root users

boot — contains booting information

home — contains home directory to all user

etc — network and server configuration files

  • /etc/inittab – this file contains the information about which terminal will be shown first when Linux PC boots.
  • /etc/resolve.conf – used for DNS configuration, name server and server ip are used here.

bin — normal and root user commands

sbin — commands execute only for root user

var — log file information

tmp — temporary file

media — contains media information such as floppy, CD, etc

lib — library and help service

usr — wallpaper, help commands, documents

mnt — default directory to mount any partition / device

dev — device file i.e., hardware file information

proc — virtual

memory configuration

/usr/lib –> installation file



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