Difference Between Client Side and Server Side Language

By | 16/06/2012

To create a webpage, client side and server side code are used. For dynamic webpage server side language is needed, but for any type of webpage either it is dynamic or static page client side language like HTML is necessary.

Client Side

Client side language is very necessary to build a webpage, this languages are executed in client browser ( IE, Firefox, Chrome, opera ).

Some of the client side languages are

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Javscript
  • jQuery

Server Side

Server side codes are executed in server and result will be displayed in web browser as either HTML or XML format. client Browser can’t execute server scripts. If a webpage is in server side php code, we can’t see its php code. Instead of this equivalent HTML code will be shown off. Every client request will be processed in server and HTML code will be sent to browser. Most popular web server are IIS and Apache.

Some of the serverside languages are

  • Php
  • Ruby
  • Asp.net

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