How To: Change Background of Google Home Page

By | 09/10/2012

Google is a No.1 Search engine. And thus Google provides many services for free. Google helps people a lot to find more things, in the internet. Most of the people in the world will use Google as a search Engine. Because in Google, Security and Privacy policies are good. So, Google gives more options to its users. One of the usages is Changing the Background of Google’s Home Page.  Following steps will explain “How to Change Background of Google Home Page”.  The Basic thing is you must have a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, create it.

Then upload it to the Picasa web album. For uploading you must login in to the Picasa web album.  You can login in to the Picasa web album with the Google account.

Step 1. Choose the image, which you want to set as Google search background image ( adding the photo you must upload an image that must be in 800×600 size.

Step 2. Sign In to Google.

Step 3.  Select the Image from the Picasa Web Album. If you does not have any images in Picasa Web Album the following step will explain How to upload images to Picasa Web Album.

These are the steps for uploading the image.

Step 3.1 . Choose the Image that you want to upload. For the uploading image into the Picasa Web Album load into this URL: and login into the Picasa Web Album with the Google account. Then Create an Album by clicking the Upload button.

Step 3.2 . Next window will be displayed, Use the option “Select Photos from Computer” or Drag an Image to that area. Else Click the Launch Picasa, to upload the image. For launching the Picasa software you must install Picasa(any version) in the computer. Picasa will be available for free, so you can download  and install it.

Step 3.3 . After installing Picasa Image Editor and Viewer software, You can sign in to the Picasa Web Album by clicking in              “SignIn with Google Account” 

Then Just click “Sign In”.

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Then Google login Dialog box will be Displayed.


Step 3.4 . After Login into Picasa, You can upload the generic viagra online images by Clicking the Sync button to ON.


Then the images will be uploaded in the Picasa web album.

Step 4.  Go to the Google Home page(  login in to your Google account(In the same Google account in which you have uploaded images for Picasa Web Album).Then click on the “Change background image” on the Left bottom corner of the page. A window will appear like this.


Then select “Your Picasa Web Photos” . The album which you have uploaded will be displayed. By Clicking on the album image the album will be open and the Image can be selected.

Then your Google Homepage will be like this


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