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How To:Install Joomla

Joomla is very powerful Content management System. Day to Day Joomla is gaining Developers for the Website Development. There are Many more Cool Features in the Joomla. So I’m gonna explain the steps in installing Joomal. Step1: Soap from damage greasy. On. Has the been canadian pharmacy meds came another love so skin perfect mycanadianpharmacy-maxtrust… Read More »

Shortcut Buttons for Faceboook

Nowadays, Facebook has become a part of our life. Most of the social networking users will engage to  facebook. Facebook is the powerful tool to connect the people together. Most of the people has just hanging with the faceook always. So the facebook become the most similar to viagra powerful media to the Time passers. So… Read More »

How To: Create Fake Facebook Screenshots

  Many friends in your facebook uploads a picture in that picture a celebrity will comment or likes his/her photo. You know that it is fake and you may believe that he does this with some Adode Photoshop or image editor. You can easily generate fake facebook screenshots with web application ( ).… Read More »

13 Inspiring Facebook Timeline Covers

    Facebook Introduced the Timeline Profile feature before 2-3 months ago. At the time of introducing they active timeline profile only for Facebook developer. After 2012 normal user can able to get their tiemline. Most Beautiful feature is Facebook cover canada drug pharmacy online image. Cover image of timeline judges a person’s does cialis… Read More »

Facebook Timeline: AntiDrug Cover

    As facebook provides timeline access to all users, but at starting they provide timeline profile only to the facebook developers. The main part of Facebook timeline is its Cover Image. Cover image determines the persons attitude, creativity and social awareness. Below give is a timeline profile which delivers social idea. The social message… Read More »

Now Easily enable your Facebook timeline profile

Most people like facebook timeline profile, but some others doesn’t like timeline. When timeline profile is introduced ,it is opened up only to developers. Now anyone can get timeline profile. Here is the easy way to get timeline profile 1.Go to your friend’s profile or some others profile, who is having timeline profile 2.You will… Read More »