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How To: Insert Data into Database using Check Box in PHP

Here i am going to insert data into mysql database using checkbox in php script. In radio button, only one option have to be selected under many option and all that options name will be same. In Checkbox also same as the radio button’s properties, but the difference between them is many options can be… Read More »

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Simple PHP Code To Upload Files

In this tutorial i have given the simple php code to upload files into server directory. To upload file <form> should contain  enctype=”multipart/form-data”, input type is file. $_FILES[‘photo’][‘name’] – This will give the name of the uploaded file $_FILES[‘photo’][‘tmp_name’] – Temporary name will be created for file to be uplaoded.  $_FILES[“file”][“type”] – Returns file type i.e., format… Read More »

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How To: Remove Space from String in PHP

Spaces in a string will makes problem, when that string is to used as username or password. There are many php functions available to remove the space from string. Here we are going to see removing spaces from strings in php using php functions. Some of them are trim() rtrim() str_replace() Need of removing space… Read More »

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Difference Between Client Side and Server Side Language

To create a webpage, client side and server side code are used. For dynamic webpage server side language is needed, but for any type of webpage either it is dynamic or static page client side language like HTML is necessary. Client Side Client side language is very necessary to build a webpage, this languages are… Read More »

Php Code to Get Current Webpage URL

PHP having the super global variables $_SERVER to get currently using page URL URL – $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] PHP_SELF will return the currently working webpage with their directory path ( /page/2.php ) $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] SCRIPT_NAME is introduced in CGI, and it also returns the currently working webpage ( /page/2.php ) $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] HTTP_HOST is a client controlled value… Read More »

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