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How to print Javascript array like PHP print_r()

In PHP arrays can be displayed using 1 2 3 4 5 6 <br /> $array=(‘Apple’,’Orange’);<br /> print_r($array);</p> <p>//or</p> <p>var_dump($array);</p> <p> But in Javascript and Jquery doesn’t provide expressions to make the Array as human readable. So we Need to Create a function to read an array and make it human readable. You can use… Read More »

Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP – Multiple Input Fields

Ajax Image Upload is a essential  plugin for the developers. You can find many plugins with ajax file upload. But none of the plugins supports Multiple fields Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP .   This is a simple plugin for Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP – Multiple Input… Read More »

5 Star Rating plugin in PHP Script with Ajax

5 Star rating Plugin in php is too essential for a commercial site. Here is Our Rating plugin that works good with the Database. Rating  plugin works in PHP with Ajax. And it is too flexible for the customization. Here the rating php script   Demo Url for the Rating in PHP script… Read More »

How to Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery

Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery Generate Input boxes Dynamically with JQuery is a most Important for some Dynamic Pages. Here’s the Code for  Generating Text boxes Or <Div> or any take viagra on empty stomach Other HTML tags by selecting with Select Boxes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11… Read More »

Difference Between show(), hide() and toggle() function in jQuery

In jQuery programming, show() function is to show the html element and hide() function is to hide the html element. toggle() function also do the same operation. Many jQuery newbie programmers gets confused about the difference between show(), hide () and toggle() The difference between show(), hide() and toggle() is toggle() function do the action… Read More »

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a javscript library function and it is open source. It was released in 2006. jQuery is used to make DOM elements, animations, handle events, HTML manipulation, CSS manipulation and AJAX. Before writing cialis kullan?m? jQuery code into the webpage, we have to call jQuery library file. Library file is stored in is my… Read More »