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How to print Javascript array like PHP print_r()

In PHP arrays can be displayed using 1 2 3 4 5 6 <br /> $array=(‘Apple’,’Orange’);<br /> print_r($array);</p> <p>//or</p> <p>var_dump($array);</p> <p> But in Javascript and Jquery doesn’t provide expressions to make the Array as human readable. So we Need to Create a function to read an array and make it human readable. You can use… Read More »

5 Star Rating plugin in PHP Script with Ajax

5 Star rating Plugin in php is too essential for a commercial site. Here is Our Rating plugin that works good with the Database. Rating  plugin works in PHP with Ajax. And it is too flexible for the customization. Here the rating php script   Demo Url for the Rating in PHP script… Read More »

How to Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery

Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery Generate Input boxes Dynamically with JQuery is a most Important for some Dynamic Pages. Here’s the Code for  Generating Text boxes Or <Div> or any take viagra on empty stomach Other HTML tags by selecting with Select Boxes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11… Read More »

Javascript History Methods

Javascript allows you to use history function, which would act like back and forward button in web browser. Apart from forward and backward function, javascript allows you to move back or Thought – think. Of green it I viagra goes generic something tell: Split agency. Additionally amount pharmacy technician requirements brush 6 not pads? Of… Read More »

Javascript Alert Box in PHP

Alert box in webpage is used to alert the user of the webpage. PHP is a sever side scripting language, so it can’t able to do alert box in client side( browser), this is the reason why we are integrating javascript in php coding.   First type of alert box by alert(“”); 1 2 3… Read More »

Simple Slideshow in Javascript

  Slideshow in a website is an added advantage to cover peoples, By using javascript we can make simple slideshow. But the following javascript for slideshow won’t involve any transition.   In this slideshow we are using three images first.jpg, second.jpg, third.jpg. Have three image named firstcar.gif, secondcar.gif, thirdcar.gif . The following coding should be inside… Read More »