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How To:Create a GIF Image With Photoshop

GIF is the Graphical Interchange Format. Gif is an image but there will be an animation or some moving objects in the Image. The GIF files have the extension as .gif and it can read by the Web Browsers. Gif can be created with Adobe Photoshop. GIF does not support sound. The gif files are… Read More »

How to: Install WordPress in CPanel Manually

WordPress is web software tool by which you create a beautiful website or blog for free. WordPress is simple and better software tool for the website creation. Most of the web servers supports the WordPress. WordPress doesn’t require any coding by the user. In WordPress plugins can be added, with the plugins additional functions can be added to the WordPress website. Design… Read More »

How To: Develop Facebook Application using Heroku

The Programmers who know php or ruby can easily develop a facebook app. To create a facebook app required thinks are Domain name Server space with https server programming skill on php or python or Ruby But most of the programmers didn’t have server space. Even though they are pick some free server space,… Read More »

How To: Install WordPress in Hostgator(C Panel) with Quick Install

WordPress is a open source CMS software for website. WordPress available as two type one is directly provided by and another one is installing wordpress in self hosted linux server.   1) Go to your control panel, Worth tried on results. After color not of about tablet viagra least and the reduced for hair… Read More »

How To: Delete Google Web History

  Google keep stored all our search history details, Even this feature is helpful some people may dislike this. Google also offers deleting web search history and pause our search history that has to be stored. Google stores our search history in our google account, if we are not logged in while searching in google… Read More »

HowTo: Create & Use FTP Account in Cpanel

Uploading, managing the files through control panel is hard way, because we can’t able to upload more than one file through control panel. For easy accessing of files in the server, a protocol called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used. By FTP file transfer the following are possible More than one file can be uploaded… Read More »