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How To:Create a GIF Image With Photoshop

GIF is the Graphical Interchange Format. Gif is an image but there will be an animation or some moving objects in the Image. The GIF files have the extension as .gif and it can read by the Web Browsers. Gif can be created with Adobe Photoshop. GIF does not support sound. The gif files are… Read More »

Code Behind part to setup a Enquiry form in a ASP.Net Website

To Setup a Enquiry form in a ASP.Net Website Add this Namespaces in your Codebehind file: using System.Net.Mail; using System.Net; Desription: The System.Net.Mail namespace contains classes that enable you to construct and send messages using the CDOSYS (Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000) message component. The mail message is delivered either through the SMTP mail… Read More »

Gmail Compose Message New Interface

Gmail compose message new interface looks awesome when compared to old one. Google has introduced a new interface in gmail’s compose message. In older version of gmail’s compose, a new window will opened to send a mail, this new interface makes us to send mail without losing our current page. The new interface of composing mail… Read More »

Google Earth For Linux RedHat 4.0 to 5.4

  Google Earth is a software interface for the Google maps. t is an Extreme application for the Google maps. Thus the Google maps is available for the UNIX and LINUX operating systems. But most of the Linux versions doesn’t support Google Earth application. But some developers has changed some code that will support Linux. As the version of REDHAT… Read More »

Shortcut Buttons for Faceboook

Nowadays, Facebook has become a part of our life. Most of the social networking users will engage to  facebook. Facebook is the powerful tool to connect the people together. Most of the people has just hanging with the faceook always. So the facebook become the most similar to viagra powerful media to the Time passers. So… Read More »