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How to: Install WordPress in CPanel Manually

WordPress is web software tool by which you create a beautiful website or blog for free. WordPress is simple and better software tool for the website creation. Most of the web servers supports the WordPress. WordPress doesn’t require any coding by the user. In WordPress plugins can be added, with the plugins additional functions can be added to the WordPress website. Design… Read More »

7 Ways to Earn Through Blogging

1. Start a own blog Best option for earning through blogging is you have to start your own blog. Daily updates makes the blog more popular among users, more visits of the user will increase traffic rank and page rank. you have to concentrate on visitors and not on money, when visitors increase money will… Read More »

7 Things to be considered before starting a blog

While starting a blog, the things to be remembered are 1. Domain name Choosing a right domain is an important issue in professional blogging as well as for trainees. Go with a different domain name, it will attract the users much more. Always choose a shorter domain name, so that only it will be remembered. Even… Read More »

How To: Use robots.txt File Efficiently for SEO

  Web robots are also known as WWW robots or Internet bots, which are automatic program used to analysis, crawl and index the website in search engine. Web crawling is the process of create a copy of webpages and index in search engine. This web robots will first checks the website’s robots.txt file, each and… Read More »

Category: SEO Vs

Many of the new bloggers, who are using blogspot are confusing about and Here what we are going to discuss about what is the use of both the sites and difference between them. is an american website, which is own by google. Free Blogging Service Most of the new bloggers &… Read More »