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Android apps on Google Play

All we known that google offers plenty of services, google now added “play” in the service list. Yes, google introduced google “play”, which offers android application to download. Google ‘play’ has more than 4.5 lakhs applications, books, music, movies and maps. Of a a only – for best over the counter viagra last depending and […]

An Introduction to Android

    Android is an emerging linux based operating system for mobile phones.Android operating system is used in smart phones, tablets and PDA.  Most of the people who are going to buy a mobile phone has their first choice as android phone. Before android operating system symbian, bada, windows phone,…etc are the only hope for […]

Low Cost and Best ANDROID Mobile – Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

    Every upcoming mobile phones are comes up with Android operating system, it is the time for android evolution for mobile.  If we go with Apple’s iphone 4 or 4s it cost from $750 to $1000. If you planned to buy android mobile below $150, here is it – Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 . […]