Block / Restrict Telnet Users by TCP Wrapper

By | 29/02/2012

Telnet users can also be block by tcp wrapper setup. In default root can’t login through telnet , by editing the following file root can able to login through telnet

#cd /etc/pam.d

#vim remote

#auth required /*this is 2nd line in this line*/
/*Delete this line*/


Telnet Login


#login: root

#password : *****

NOTE: Without editing the above remote file, root can able to login


Block Telnet Users

#vim /etc/hosts.deny

Allows only the IP address



#vim /etc/hosts.deny

Blocks all IP address except

in.telnetd: ALL EXCEPT


#vim /etc/hosts.deny
Block all IP address from the network

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in.telnetd: ALL EXCEPT
in.telnetd: ALL EXCEPT


#vim /etc/hosts.deny

Blocks all IP address, no on ecna login through telnet

intelnetd: ALL




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