Block / Restrict FTP Users by TCP Wrapper

By | 29/02/2012

In Redhat Linux a ftp user can be blocked by admin by tcp wrapper. By blocking /restricting thew ftp users, they can’t access the server files through FTP method. TCP Wrapper need a package called XINETD

Package name: Xinetd

Service name: Xinetd

We are going to block the FTP users, so we have to edit hosts.deny file


#vim /etc/hosts.deny

Block all FTP like viagra request and login, except the IP address

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vsftpd: ALL EXCEPT


#vim /etc/hosts.deny

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vsftpd: ALL EXCEPT
( or )
vsftpd: generic viagra online ALL EXCEPT


#vim /etc/hosts.deny

None of the FTP users can login into the primatene mist canadian pharmacy server.

vsftpd: ALL

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