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PHP Code to Get IP address of Website Visitor

Knowledge about where the website is visited is important and how many visits are made by a same visitor. This can possible only by tracking IP address of the visitor, every internet user will have an unique IP address by this we can calculate from where our website is being visited. Along with tracking of… Read More »

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Difference Between show(), hide() and toggle() function in jQuery

In jQuery programming, show() function is to show the html element and hide() function is to hide the html element. toggle() function also do the same operation. Many jQuery newbie programmers gets confused about the difference between show(), hide () and toggle() The difference between show(), hide() and toggle() is toggle() function do the action… Read More »

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a javscript library function and it is open source. It was released in 2006. jQuery is used to make DOM elements, animations, handle events, HTML manipulation, CSS manipulation and AJAX. Before writing cialis kullan?m? jQuery code into the webpage, we have to call jQuery library file. Library file is stored in is my… Read More »

Add Author Box Manually – Without Plugin

Author biography bio can be added through plugin or manually by php code. Adding author box manually with php code is welcomed, becausse using plugin to display author box will increase the website loading time. Read: Add author box with Plugins   Some of the plugins available to show the author biography are Advanced Author Bio… Read More »

Warning: Missing required field entry title | Missing required field updated | Missing required hCard author

  Some bloggers/web developers facing problem of warnings in Google rich snippet tool. The following are the warning, which are due to problem in title, date and author of the article. Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.   Warning message is because of the problem in the following code. you can… Read More »

What is the difference between Apache and WAMP Server

Is it Need to install Apache or WAMP server in computer to use PHP? Yes, because PHP is server side scripting language and it runs only in server. By installing apache server, our client OS ( client OS means windows xp/vista/7) computer will acts as both server and client. Here client means browser and server… Read More »

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