8 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

By | 30/01/2012


1.Share with your friends

If you are blogging, just share with your friends because they will talk about your blog with their friends and may have a chance to visit your blog. If your articles is related to friend’s profession, never forget to tell about that article.


2.Get Backlinks

Making our blog’s link in other website is called backlink, which is very important aspect to drive the blog traffic. Backlink in high page ranked blog and more number of backlinks helps google to crawl the blog frequently. Comment on blog with your blog’s link and always comment on commentluv plugin enabled blogs.


3.Promote with pages, groups

By time of launching your blog, create pages in social networking sites like facebook. Now G0oogle Plus also offers to create page. Post on group and page wall about the blog’s latest article.


4.Use social networking sites to publish Your article

Dont forget to postabout your recent article in your facebook and google plus wall. Some of the websites to publish your article are bloggers.com, digg.com, facebook.com, plus.google.com, Networkedblogs.com, stumbleupon.com, linkedin.com.,,,etc. Have an account in all the social medias and post your article link there.

5.Online Advertisement

Give advertisement in other high alexa rank websites. Advertisement is nothing but the banner image in the website. You can go with google adwords or facebook ad, which are the better advertisement policies. When compared with google adwords, facebook ads are costlier.


6.Write Review about apps

If you find any new application with more options and different, write its review in your blog. Because when they search for its review your blog will be in showed top in google.

Some app developers will ask you to write review of their app, if it is a free app then write review for free or the app is premium then ask him for fee (for writing review). An important advantage in reviewing about products makes the app developer to share your blog’s link to his friends.

Article about a company or company’s product will be view through search engine. Even if your review is liked by company people, they may put link t your site.


7.Post guest articles in high page ranked websites

Writing guest article on the website will get backlink, guest article is not only for backlink. Article in high ranked blog will have more visits for your article, at the end of article your named and 2 or 3 backlinks will be allowed some visitors will redirect to your blog.


8.Send Email

Send email about your blog to your friends and who are all in your mail contact list. Whenever you got a mail from unknown person, just forward the email about your blog. If you are using gmail, then forward the mail to your google groups




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