7 Things to be considered before starting a blog

By | 25/03/2012

While starting a blog, the things to be remembered are

1. Domain name

Choosing a right domain is an important issue in professional blogging as well as for trainees. Go with a different domain name, it will attract the users much more. Always choose a shorter domain name, so that only it will be remembered. Even a lengthy domain name doesn’t matters, because when the domain is indexed for most of the users google’s search then user will get familiar about that domain and he can remember.


  • Don’t choose the domain name, which having trademark name and copyrighted names in it. For example google is a trademarked and copyrighted company, if we are choosing domain name as gogoogle.com, the google may complaint a case about our blog name.
  • Some advertising programs will reject your blog, if your domain name having trademark names.


2. Choosing right niche

Niche in the sense, among various technologies which topic/technology you are going to write. Choose a niche, which you are strong and know more. Don’t choose a unknown niche, if your friend gives you an article or you got a guest article about niche, which is not related to your blog, then don’t post that article in your blog because it will increase your blog bounce rate and SEO keyword problems will arise.



Attracting the users by blog design is an important matter. You have to make easier navigation for your users by menu style, related content section in every article. Most blog covers some niches only, that is the reason most of the blog doesn’t have drop down menus in it and more over drop down menu should not hide google ads, it is a google adsense violation.

If you are using any customization software like blogger or wordpress, wordpress brings you the most options for themes and design.


4. Blogger or wordpress

While coming for blogging the customization softwares like wordpress or blogger is the better option to choose, because it will ease your work of writing the article,  search engine submission. Among wordpress and blogger, wordpress ( especially self-hosted wordpress) is the best which have more options.

  • WordPress having more themes to use, but blogger platform doesn’t have more theme option
  • Robots.txt can’t be accessed in blogger platform, but wordpress allows editing robots.txt file


5. Hosting/span>

Hosting our domain in web server is the main concern in starting a blog. If we are going to use blogger platform then there is no need to bother about hosting, we have to pay around INR 2000-2500 to google, they will register the domain name for us and also they provide server space. As like blogger platform, else we can choose to host our site in wordpress provider. Main advantage of wordpress is, it allows us to use wordpress software install in our server

Some blogger doesn’t use either blogger platform or wordpress, they will create own website/blog with any dynamic codings.

Note: Self-hosted worpress means buying domain name and server space from a service provider and we have to install wordpress software in it

Below  listed  will be applicable only for self hosted wordpress and

  • Server Operating system

Operating system of server matters only when we are using wordpress. Because wordpress can only be installed in Linux operating system, windows server doesn’t supports the wordpress

  • Server Space

Server space refers about space allocated for your domain to store your website files.

  • Bandwidth

How many bytes of data are being uploaded and downloaded.

For example: the size of the webpage is 5KB, a user saw that page for 5 time then the bandwidth is 25KB

  • Downtime

Downtime refers about how long does the web server goes unavailable. Usually server goes for downtime because of the following reasons server maintenance, periodic checking, vulnerable attacks

  • Technical support

Technical support from the service provider will help the hosting account holder to clarify the doubts and errors regarding configuration


6. SEO

SEO of a blog is important, you have to make sure that every article you are writing is indexed in search engines and indexing time should be less than 10 minutes



Start a blog if you are passionate about blogging. Don’t start a blog because your friend earning money through blogging. You can earn money only when your have passion in blogging and dedication in blogging.





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