12 Assured Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

By | 15/02/2012

Bounce Rate is an important term, while checking our website / blog web analytics. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors visited our website’s webpage and leaving our site without visiting any other pages of our website. Lower bounce rate of the website is the sign of a good blog. Always

think to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

For example.

Visitor 1 – one visit and leaves – 100% Bounce rate

Visitor 2 – Visiting a page, navigating to another page then leaves – 0% Bounce rate


The only factor to be reduced in web analytics is BOUNCE RATE.



1) Relevant Content for article title

Articles you writing should be relevant to your title of the article and your niche. While explaining the article, you may get diverted to some other topics. Also include the recent trends about the articles. While reviewing about a product compare product with competitors and don’t write more about the other products.

2) Website loading time
Website’s loading time is an important aspect to reduce the bounce rate, because while visitor comes to read an article in our blog we should make the blog to load faster. If time taken to load the website increases, then visitor may get frustrated and he will not visit our site anymore. Some of the factor affecting website loading time are

Flash Content
Reduce flash contents in your website, it will taken more time to load the webpage. Instead of using flash file, use HTML5 and CSS3

Avoid more plugins in your site(if you are using wordpress). Instead of using plugins, we can use direct PHP or javascript codings.

Use compressed images in your article. Don’t use images which are directly taken from digital camera, because it will be more than 3 MB of size. It will take more time to download image.


3) Website Design

Design a simple website design. Choose a simple theme with light colors and don’t go with dark colours ( if you are using wordpress or blogger). Avoid dark colors like black, blue.

4) Good title for your article

Good title for an article makes the interest on that topic and visitor will come to your site. Selecting the probable topic will brings the visitor towards our blog.

5) Internal linking to other articles

While writing article, if you already wrote an article related to your current article then include your previous article’s link. Don’t include more links in the article it will makes visitor frustrated.

6) Related contents and related topics

Use related article and related topics sections for every article in your blog. In wordpress nrelate plugin will help you to get the related articles with high degree or lower degree of comparison.

7) Categorizing the article

Make a better category for your blog, choose the category based on your niche. Write the article and make it come under a specified category, make sure that your article wouldn’t come in more than two

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8) Don’t include other site’s link

Internal linking to your blog article is good, but don’t provide the links to other website. It will increase the bounce rate.


9) Attract visitor by your content

Article’s content plays a vital role in bounce rate reducing, bad content in the website will loss the visitor and make the bounce rate of your website increase. Good content in your blog will keep visitor and impress him to read some other articles.


10) Mobile users

Meanwhile writing the article, also think about the mobile users who are access your blog. Don’t write the articles which are having more than 1500 words. If your article is having more than 1500 words then split into two pages.

11) Advertisements

Avoid pop-up ads.

Avoid compulsory facebook sharing and other social media like buttons.

12) Exactly deliver content

Deliver the content exactly and makes the visitor understand what you have planned to tell. Make the visitor to share your article to their friends through the social medias.


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