Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP – Multiple Input Fields

Ajax Image Upload is a essential  plugin for the developers. You can find many plugins with ajax file upload. But none of the plugins supports Multiple fields Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP .   This is a simple plugin for Ajax Image Upload and Resize with Jquery and PHP – Multiple Input […]

Call to undefined function curl_init() – PHP

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() This Error rises because “php_curl” extension is not enabled. Just enable the “php_curl” to debug these error. How to enable curl Extension in Wamp: Step 1: Click on the Wamp server in Notification Area, Then select PHP. Click on the PHP Extensions.    Step 2 : List of extensions […]

How to Enable htaccess in Wamp (localhost)

Url Rewriting is the Htaccess. Htaccess is Hyper Text Access, which is supported by Apache server and IIS. Htaccess is used to display the url in a simple way. Most of the Web servers will support htaccess.  But not all the wamp server of  the client will not support Htaccess unless it is enable. While […]

5 Star Rating plugin in PHP Script with Ajax

5 Star rating Plugin in php is too essential for a commercial site. Here is Our Rating plugin that works good with the Database. Rating  plugin works in PHP with Ajax. And it is too flexible for the customization. Here the rating php script   Demo Url for the Rating in PHP script    http://demo.getln.com/Simple%205%20Star%20Rating/ […]

How to delete dynamic array with another dynamic array-PHP

Working With the array is important in the Programming.  PHP makes simple for working with array. From the below code Primary array is the main array. Primary array and Secondary array are  dynamically generated array. “Delete the Primary array’s items from the Secondary array if that Exist in the Secondary Array”.  Deleting Dynamic array with […]

How to Generate Captcha Image using PHP

Captcha Image is required for most of the signup function or download links. With the captcha only we can detect is this a User or a Automated script. In PHP Captcha Image can be generated dynamically.Generate Captcha image Using PHP is too simple. No Extra Plugins Needed. Arial font is needed, Otherwise captcha image generator […]

How to Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery

Create Input Box Dynamically using JQuery Generate Input boxes Dynamically with JQuery is a most Important for some Dynamic Pages. Here’s the Code for  Generating Text boxes Or <Div> or any Other HTML tags by selecting with Select Boxes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 […]